Move the Cheese. Make an Impression.

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Move the Cheese and Build an Impression
If you have not read Spencer Johnson’s best selling book Who Moved My Cheese, I highly recommend it. It’s a quick and easy read of a parable that demonstrates the common human condition that craves order, control and a sense of place. The characters represent different personality traits and how they perceive or respond to change.

I have to admit there are times and situations that I hate to have my cheese moved. When it does, I can become moody and irritable. But I’ve also come to know and accept that my cheese will be moved from time to time. Not only that, but I also realize that in order to build impressions I might have to actually go and move the cheese myself. In other words, I need to cause change.

Change is an ingredient of success for the long term. You can be successful in the moment, but moments are constantly in a state of change. The seconds keep ticking. Each tick goes from present to past.

What is your life or organization is stale? Change it. Move the cheese.