My wife recently had LASIK surgery to correct her vision. For most of her life she’d been putting up with contacts and glasses in order to see clearly.

She, like many, especially after age 40, had presbyopia—a disorder of the eyes where the crystalline lens loses the ability to bring close objects into clear focus, hence the need for reading glasses. She could not see things from a distance well either.

LASIK surgery can now perform what is called a monovision procedure. This option addresses both problems by fixing the strong eye to see distance and the other eye for close up viewing.

Some of us are blessed with good eyes. But many people can only see things clearly when they are close up or further away.

What are you? Farsighted? Or nearsighted? Life goes better when you have both. What monovision does for the eyes is what you can do for yourself when you focus on both the small and big picture.