Look Up

It amazes me how many places I can go and simply look upward to find out how high of a priority is placed on first impressions. The same happens by looking down. Walk into a room and try it.

What you’ll find is that it will either be clean and neat all around or there will be cobwebs growing at the higher elevations while clutter is building up along the edges and in the corners of the floor.

Why bring this up?

Because it’s important to pay attention to all the places in our lives that affect how others see us. You need to look up and down as well as straight ahead when doing your job or role—or when cleaning.

The places that tend to get the most time and attention are those right in front of us because it takes less energy. But if you step back to look at the bigger picture around you, like others do when they enter the same room, you can see what they will see.

Look up. Look down. Look all around. And make a positive impact in all those places, not just the ones right in front of you.