Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves

Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
Contains Ten Attributes for
Building Impressions, Improved Performance and Achieving More in Life
Found in the Award Winning Book by Scott Franko
Ben is a new hire who wants to grow in the company. George is a senior executive sales manager with deadlines to meet. Both are career-minded individuals who struggle with relationship issues at home.

Their lives are transformed when two questions, a mysterious encounter, and a pair of old gloves come together to present ten life-altering lessons.

You can learn and apply these ten attributes to make life more prosperous. The ten attributes are like ten fingers of two hands climbing a rope to advance in life …

With one hand, you can grip the rope, but you can’t climb.
With two hands, you gain a stronger grip and can climb the rope
that takes you where you want to go.

“Timeless words of wisdom for business and life are offered in this fast-paced book.”
– Mac Anderson
Founder of Successories and Simple Truths

“The coaching, mentoring, and self-improvement found in the pages of this story
will move you to action.”
– Coach “Bobby” Bowden
Former Florida State Head Football Coach

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A modern-day parable containing ten life-enhancing attributes for improved living and performance while aspiring to dreams and ambitions. Endorsed by Mac Anderson of Simple Truths and Successories, and legendary former Florida State “Coach” Bobby Bowden. Honorable Mention Award by Writers Digest.

This book is a treasure–a course in wisdom and truths that apply not just to work and business but to all of life. So many books about success or getting ahead in business and industry talk about hard work and networking in well-worn and trite isms about what the person can DO to get ahead, but few address who to BE and the traits and characteristics that the individual has control over and can develop without relying on, or being at the mercy of, other people. Not only that, these characteristics and qualities are not just about success in business or your work life–they are equally important in your “real” life.

This book is truly a winner. Would highly recommend.

– Writers Digest

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