Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves

Contains 10 life-enhancing attributes for improved performance at work with balance and contentment at home.

A modern-day parable of self-discovery and transformation.

A story of two lives changed by two questions, a mysterious encounter and a pair of old gloves.

Timeless words of wisdom for business and life are offered in this fast-paced book.
Mac Anderson, founder of Simple Truths & Successories
The coaching, mentoring and self-improvement found in the pages of this story will move you to thought and action.
Coach Bobby Bowden, former head football coach at Florida State
I just finished reading OLD GLOVES in 3 days and I wanted everyone to know it is a great book. Coaches, teachers, business men, parents, and anyone looking to improve their career and family life needs to read this book. This book gets two thumbs up from me. Happy reading!
Brent Kulp, Head Softball Coach, Jimtown High School
“All I can say is this book is inspiring and one that people will have trouble putting down. This is a story people can feel and understand.”
Pat O’ Keefe



This book is a treasure–a course in wisdom and truths that apply not just to work/business but to all of life.  It has the comfortable read of a storybook, but is a well-thought out and clearly organized learning tool which can be used with equal benefit by an individual as a personal tutorial or as a guide for a manager or mentor to use in developing employees and students.  So many books about success or getting ahead in business and industry talk about hard work and networking in well-worn and trite isms about what the person can DO to get ahead, but few address who to BE and the traits and characteristics that the individual has control over and can develop without relying on, or being at the mercy of, other people.  Not only that, these characteristics and qualities are not just about success in business or your work life–they are equally important in your “real” life.  The author has done a superb job with form and format–the book is well laid out with each topic drilled down to its basic elements.  And because of the way the manager, George, presented the lessons to Ben, there are so many fun marketing ideas and merchandising possibilities available for distribution–a formal certification with a little “gloves” charm, having a special box with the envelopes and topics on vellum to accompany the book; wall hangings or motivational posters comprised of the ten core topics–I just see this book having some really great opportunities because it is truly a winner. Would highly recommend.
Judge, Writer’s Digest, 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards

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