Len’s Five Success Principles

Would you like to know some ingredients for success? A good friend of mine has a recipe. His name is Len. Who’s Len?

Len has been in business a lot longer than me. His experience and lessons learned over the years surpasses mine by decades. He’s also successful. I’m always curious to what made or led to a person’s success. So when I ran into Len recently, I asked him.

Then, with the twinkle that comes when Len is about is to say something really profound, he gives me his five success principles; Wisdom, Vision, Courage, Energy, and Passion.

Wisdom creates not only vision, but the right vision. Vision provides direction. Courage keeps you on the path of that vision and direction. Energy keeps you keeping on, not giving up. And passion fuels your spirit so it isn’t broken when life puts pressures on you and obstacles in your way.

Remember that success isn’t a destiny. Success is an attitude. Feed your attitude these guiding principles and start enjoying Len’s recipe for success in your life.