Did you know the secret to juggling is knowing where to keep your eyes?

There is a place in the space above you that is the pinnacle of where the objects being juggled hit their peak and begin to fall. That’s the point of focus for the successful juggler. The hands learn where to go by practice and they are guided by your peripheral vision. But the eyes have to remain on that one point of focus.

When the eyes move away from that point of focus, you lose track of the items being juggled and the path they are traveling. Then you miss them and they drop to the ground. The juggling becomes a mess. Life can be that way too.

If yours is a mess or heading that direction, take a moment to consider where your eyes, mind and heart are. Are they on too many things? Do they have a primary point of focus? If not, you’re most likely doing too much or floundering. You are not concentrating hard enough on just the essential goals.

We all have to juggle—everyday. The trick is limiting how many things you can or should juggle and keeping your eyes in the right places for you and  your life, job, role and destiny.