I turned forty-eight this month. I hit middle age. No crisis – so far. But I am noticing some changes that come with “my age.”

On the down side, six pack abs and the attempt to get them are a thing of the past. You can’t fight off a stomach that wants out more than you want it to stay in. I also wish my arms were longer. That way I might get one more year without having to read with cheaters.

On the upside, however, I’m developing a better sense of humor and a craving for good jokes, especially the ones that poke fun at aging.

Just the other day I ran into a friend of mine who is, well, let’s just say older than me by a decade or two. As we parted ways, he gave me this simple yet profound little piece of advice: it’s better at my age to remember to zip down than it is to zip up.

It pays to pay attention. At least I think that was his point. If so, I appreciate the point, and the joke. I hope you did too.