Jack be Nimble

“Jack be Nimble”
Why was it important for Jack to be nimble? So he wouldn’t get burned. One of the ways to Building Impressions is by learning how achieve nimbleness.

Nimble is an awesome descriptive. Cousins would be smart and dexterous. Other relatives include adept, quick, skillful, clever, witty, ready and vigilant. Enemies are ignorant, clumsy, slow, inept, stupid, lumbering and clunky.

It doesn’t matter which camp you are in because they are all in the same campground. And the bad stuff will hinder you from obtaining or having the good stuff. You’ll miss opportunities if you are not prepared for them. You’ll get burned.

Avoid getting burned and win more often by corralling the parts of life that hinder you from being nimble, then run and jump like our friend, Jack.