I live within nature’s hurricane alley, a stretch of warmer water that starts at the north west coast of Africa and travels across the Atlantic to the southern east coast of the Americas.

Hurricane’s can be devastating. But they are part of life. To better prepare for real hurricanes, we have the National Hurricane Center and HURDAT, a North Atlantic Hurricane database derived from wire circuits set up from 1935 to 1965 along the Gulf and East coasts to monitor cyclone activity.

With all the data collected over the years it was eventually determined that there was a pattern, or season, to hurricanes; June 15 to Halloween, though now it is recognized to continue on through the end of November.

Today technology has improved and all we need is the internet and the Weather Channel to do all the behind the scenes work and warn us when a hurricane is approaching.

Hurricanes are most favorable to show up five out of twelve months of the year. That means there’s a forty percent chance they could appear during the season. And its only a matter of time before one will show up, like they do in our lives.

Stuff happens in life. Some of it is brought about from the things we do or don’t do. Some are not avoidable. Others are. The key is by knowing ahead of time what some could be and then developing the right plan or habits to keep them at bay or limit the damage when they hit.

As you go about your life at home with family or at work or when out with friends or even when spending time in a service or ministry, remember the hurricanes. Prepare for them. But remember they are seasonal. If you’re in one, it will pass.