“The Hillbilly”

The stereotype that the term “hillbilly” brings is two-fold. There are some negative connotations while there are some positive implications. Both are worth looking at for a brief moment when it comes to building impressions.

The word first appeared in print in the New York Journal in 1900 as a descriptive definition of certain types of people living in Appalachia who were limited with resources but were very crafty and creative.

In the twenty-plus years we’ve been in business, there have been times when a hillbilly-type effort was necessary to finish a job and overcome a situation or obstacle. But in order to become a great organization with an excellent reputation, we’ve had to learn how to evolve out of hillbilly mode and into one that is more professional.

That’s how you build impressions. You have to determine the right times to be or not to be a hillbilly.