Hammer or Nail

Hammer or the Nail
My dad used to tell me and my brothers while growing up that sometimes we’ll be the hammer, sometimes we’ll be the nail. Sometimes we’ll get to choose. Sometimes we won’t.

I was reminded of my dad’s wisdom through an awesome message by the founder of Leader Legacy and creator of the Building Powerful Teams Community Leadership Event, Justin Maust.

His message is titled Refuse to be Offended. He opens with this powerful statement; “Sometimes a leader needs to be the hammer. You strike a nail to put it in its proper place … Other times you need to be the nail … so you can be struck into the proper placement.”

He goes on to say that leaders and the members of the team being build under that leadership must refuse to be offended and be bold enough to strike at issues while being mature enough to take the strike.

That’s great advice—especially for building impressions.

I invite you to read Justin’s complete message for yourself by following the link below.
I also encourage you to consider attending a powerful afternoon with Justin and other high caliber leaders like John Maxwell, Tommy Newberry, Louis Upkins and Elise Foster as they inspire Michiana leaders at the Century Center on May 22.
Learn more by following the link below.

Link to Lead Michiana
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