Greener Grass

You know what they say about “greener grass.” It doesn’t just happen. It becomes greener as you make it happen. It takes work, fertilizer, and constant care. Grass is all around you. It’s your circumstances. How green are you making it?

One of the secrets to success is finding the right plot of land for you, then using your strengths to make it green. Your strengths are a combination of skills, talents, passions, experiences and connections. These follow you wherever you go.

There are some who strongly feel that staying put in your grass (circumstance) and working hard to make and keep it green is the way to go. I do believe in giving all you have to make the best in any job or situation. But sometimes there does come a time to move on.

When you do, don’t always just look for the greenest grass. Sometimes the next place for you might not be all that green yet, but it has potential and you have the ingredients to help make it greener through your input and influence.

If the grass looks greener over there, and you think you’re attracted, find out why before you just pack up and head there. Determine if there’s a fit first. Remember that what made your grass green and what makes grass green someplace else could be for completely different reasons.

Follow your strengths and passions. A good friend of mine calls this The Sweet Spot that leads to your green grass.