The Greatest Game Ever Played – Part 3

The movie The Greatest Game Ever Played is a story about golf champion Francis Ouimet, a teenaged caddy who eventually gets the chance to compete in the 1913 US Open. Several success principles can be taken from the film and applied to our lives, the greatest game we’ll ever play.

Success Principles for Life – Part 3

– Don’t pay attention to the overall score. It’s a distraction. Assume the competition is as good as you are. Just play your game, play it your best, and play enough to get better each time you play. Develop some uniqueness to your game that becomes a competitive advantage. The scores will take care of themselves.

– Demons destroy. That’s their nature. They come in many forms with the purpose to wreck havoc on your game and your life. Beware of them and keep them at bay. Their seeds grow into weeds.

– Be prepared for the gawkers. As you play your game better and better, people will watch. They will hover. Playing a good game is attractive. Don’t choke. And if you do, brush it off. You’re not playing for them. You are playing for yourself.

More success principles for the greatest game ever played in next week’s Pay Note …