The Greatest Game Ever Played – Part 2

The movie The Greatest Game Ever Played is a story about golf champion Francis Ouimet, a teenaged caddy who eventually gets the chance to compete in the 1913 US Open. Several success principles can be taken from the film and applied to our lives, the greatest game we’ll ever play.

Success Principles for Life – Part 2

– Be open and receptive to advice. No matter how good you get, you don’t or can’t know it all. Another perspective can help a situation. Listen to your gut too. It talks to you as well. It’s always giving your head advice.

– While listening to your gut and the right advice, don’t listen to the entire world. The world comes at you from all angles and a lot of it is negative. The world will say, “you can’t do that,” or “don’t waste your time on that.” The world will whisper ideas to distract you from your destiny or chosen path. Don’t listen to it.

– Love what you do. Have some hobbies that you love. When it comes to work, most people are not in love with their job. But they can make it more loveable by developing skills that that makes working more enjoyable.

More success principles for the greatest game every played in next week’s Pay Note …