The Greatest Game Ever Played – Part 1

The movie The Greatest Game Ever Played is a wonderful true sports story about the early life of golf champion Francis Ouimet portrayed by Shia LaBeouf. Ouimet is a teenaged caddy who eventually gets the chance of a lifetime opportunity to compete in the 1913 US Open against champion, Harry Vardon.

In real life, the greatest game ever played is your life. When I recently had a chance to watch the movie, again, I picked up on several principles that when applied to our lives enhance the odds of winning or gaining ground on what we are aiming for.

Success Principles for Life – Part 1

– A good caddy can improve your game. Good caddy’s come in all shapes and sizes. Be open and friendly to everybody because you don’t always know who it is that possess the things you need for your life at the moment.

– Second chances don’t always come around. They are a blessing when they do. An urging by life to try one more time. If presented by a second chance to do something that aligns with your strengths and passions, it might be worth taking the leap of faith.

More success principles for the greatest game every played in next week’s Pay Note …