Goodbyes and Hellos

Changes are taking place with the organization I led as president for twenty-five years. I’m stepping aside to let new management take over managing. I’m saying goodbye to that chapter of my life and hello to the next.

Throughout my working life I’ve been a creative solutions provider who’s been able to assist clients with a variety of needs to help them accomplish goals.

With more freedom and flexibility, this new chapter of my life is going to allow me to keep doing what I’ve done for twenty-five years while expanding the services and products I can deliver to my clients.

My past life with the sign company is not being put on the shelf. In fact, it will be very much part of my new life as well. While providing concepts and consulting for business and branding, I will also continue to help with a variety of signage needs.

On the one hand, to the old life I say adios, farewell, and arrivederci. But on the other, I say hello to the new opportunities that await. Find out even more next week.