Good to Great … or at least better

There’s a book called Good to Great. The attributes it contains can be applied to all parts of life; business, career, performance, home, personal goals. I recommend reading it.

The main point of the book is presented in the title. It’s about how to get to great from good. Before striving to greatness, however, one needs to do the necessary work it takes to just become good at something. You can’t just decide you’re good then reach for great.

Once you do achieve the places in your life where you are doing good, the road to greatness, if that’s your goal, can be tough and tiring. It can even become depressing and overwhelming. That’s when you step back and take a breath and look at the accomplishments to date.

Greatness is a journey. Between good to great is better. Becoming great is a long term process. So just get better at whatever it is you are good at. And be happy with getting better, and better and better …