Going from A to B with Crooked Lines

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Going from A to B with Crooked Lines

Tom Pagna was a long time Notre Dame football backfield coach who later on in life hosted a sports and life talk radio show. He passed away five years ago. I can still hear his voice in my mind as he used to sign off at the end of a show by saying, “Remember, God writes straight with crooked lines.”

I’ll always remember that. It was his way of reminding his listeners that life will be messy and we won’t always understand it. But it is okay because life is not all about what we can control. It will take us all over the place and at times not make any sense.

I tend to be very goal oriented. I’m a type A person with drive, ambition, and a vision for where I want to go and what I want to do. I can define the line that goes from A to B. If I drew out these plans, the chart would show perfectly neat straight lines.

The truth is that no lines in life are straight. They go up and down. They are crooked. We just need to accept that they will always be part of the journey as we go from A to B.