The Fourth Attribute

For Building Impressions and Improved Performance
From the Ten Attributes found in the Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
The fourth attribute is SKILL.

 Skill is a combination of your birth gifts and talents, along with repeated opportunities to put them to work. Skill can also be acquired through determination and practice.

A skilful person is valuable. When he or she applies skill to the task at hand, it is done right and well. The musical instrument is a work of art. So is the music that results when the instrument is played with skill. Without skill, neither the instrument nor the music could exist.

To develop a skill, you can either find and share your talents or steer yourself in the direction of a worthy interest. It takes time and effort. Like a tree, each skill starts as a seed and then grows slowly. If tended well, someday the seed may bear fruit.

Growth or advancement in any area carries with it the need for new skills. Welcome them into your life. Skills are the keys to earning an income, but to accomplish that goal, they must be shared with others and produce a benefit for others. Ultimately, skills must be passed along or handed down to the next person, so that they can continue to benefit others.

Skill is the attribute of talent, uniqueness, and specialty that serves others and makes everyday life richer and more enjoyable. 

Advancing personally and professionally requires more than just hard work. Winning at anything requires certain qualities or attributes. Lessons from a Pair of Old Glovescontains ten of these attributes.