I love fishing. I fish for sport. I fish for fun. I fish to relax. I fish for the thrill of the hunt, catch and release. And I’ll fish now and then to eat too.

As you see, for me, there are many ways to fish. But there is only one way to fish when it comes to eating—you’ve got to be successful or else you aren’t eating.

What activities in your life lead to putting food on the table or the attainment of a goal?

Some of things we choose to do, if we admit it, are a waste of time. Some are purely for enjoyment. Some distract from the real task that should be undertaken. Some feed us what we want or need while others keep us from eating.

If you are like me and like to fish, be sure you go fishing for the right reasons. If eating is part of the agenda, fish to eat, not to spend a day on the water.