The First Attribute

For Building Impressions and Improved Performance
From the Ten Attributes found in the Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves

The first attribute is ATTITUDE.

Attitude comes from within and expresses your true state of being. Everything you say and do is an extension of your attitude, which can be positive or negative. Attitude directly affects your motivation, and both attitude and motivation can be influenced from the outside. Fortunately, you have the ultimate power to decide whether you will trust your inner being or external influences. You can also choose whether your attitude will be positive or negative.

It is wise to train your attitude to stand up to the negative forces that will attack it. You must guard it carefully. This ability comes from training. When you develop the control necessary to maintain a positive attitude, your mind and body will follow with the choices and actions that will help you achieve tremendous results.

Your attitude is the intersection of the mind, body, and soul. Belief, faith, and hope are branches that grow out of a healthy, positive attitude. A positive attitude is mightier than any instrument, for with it you can change the outcome of a situation independently. It’s even possible to change the mindset of the people around you, because a positive attitude can be perceived and contains the power of persuasion.

Your attitude influences outcomes. It is able to overcome defeat and lift you up in victory. In life, sometimes you will win; sometimes you will lose. Either way, your attitude should be that of a champion and contain genuine thankfulness in order to achieve happiness and peace. You will never know your true limits or potential for achievement until you unleash a purely positive attitude to guide your thoughts and actions.

Attitude is the attribute that forms the foundation for the others.

Advancing personally and professionally requires more than just hard work. Winning at anything requires certain qualities or attributes. Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves contains ten of these attributes.

Confidence, control, contentment and happiness are well within your reach when you tap into the power that comes from applying the lessons in this book. Learn all ten of these attributes and apply them to your life. Make this the year of improvement.