The Fifth Attribute

For Building Impressions and Improved Performance
From the Ten Attributes found in the Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
The fifth attribute is EXPERIENCE.

Experience creates both profit and opportunity. It is the characteristic that attracts other people and earns their faith and trust. Collective experience occurs when you combine your efforts with those of the people around you. In doing so, each member contributes to a successful endeavor.

Your experience allows you to serve well, and when you are called upon to lead, it ensures that your leadership will be admirable and prosperous. Experience prepares you to see and accept challenges, opportunities, and adventures. You are wise to stay the course and attain all the experience that life brings to you.

Experience breeds freedom. As you gain experience, the need for experimentation diminishes, and you attain the valuable gift of time, a well-deserved reward for making the personal investment required to reach that point.

The world seeks and rewards experience. The mark of experience has many names, including professional, journeyman, and veteran. Those titles naturally carry more value than the titles of novice or apprentice.

While experience is acknowledged and respected, it can be difficult to earn. Persistence is the key. Once you have gained experience, you can solve problems, and others will call you wise.

Experience is the attribute that brings about an expanded territory. It is a means to achievement and a gift you should pass along to the next person. 

Advancing personally and professionally requires more than just hard work. Winning at anything requires certain qualities or attributes. Lessons from a Pair of Old Glovescontains ten of these attributes.

Confidence, control, contentment and happiness are well within your reach when you tap into the power that comes from applying the lessons in this book. Learn all ten of these attributes and apply them to your life. Make this the year of improvement.