The Eighth Attribute

From the Ten Attributes found in the Award Winning Book
Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves
The eighth attribute is ORGANIZATION.

Organization can minimize hardship and maximize results. It can help you lessen the likelihood of risk, pain, and grief while increasing the potential for reward, gain, and profit.

Look around. You will see evidence of both order and disorder. Because order requires effort, many will settle for disorder. You can separate yourself from the crowd by taking steps that lead to organization. The result is greater efficiency.

The person who learns how to organize effectively becomes more valuable. Progress and success follow organization because it removes clutter and keeps the vision and mission clear. Advancement and trust are often awarded to the organized person.

Organize your work area, and you will become more productive. Take the time to organize your thoughts before you undertake any project, and you will enjoy greater success.

Your mind is where all organization starts. It is the director and conductor. When you organize, you exercise the mind and create coordination and harmony. Organization is an acquired ability. Adopt this trait. Nurture it. Apply it to your goals and your purpose, and it will serve you well.

Organization is the attribute that keeps the other attributes in check and clears the path to success. 

Advancing personally and professionally requires more than just hard work. Winning at anything requires certain qualities or attributes. Lessons from a Pair of Old Glovescontains ten of these attributes.
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