Driving With Your Eyes Closed …

Would you drive down the road in your vehicle with your eyes closed? I did … once. I was 16 and unable to pass on a dare. I’m sure my parents are cringing at the stupidity.

Luckily, I did not crash. Don’t worry mom and dad – it was only once and it was only for a few seconds.

I’ve learned a lot about life since growing up – like driving with the eyes open is a lot smarter. The odds of getting to your destination safely go way up.

So it is in life. We all move toward more of what we want if we drive our lives with more purpose and vision. You have to drive with it with the eyes open. Yet, some people don’t.

Sadly, there are some who go along each day oblivious to the opportunities around them or to the choices that come their way that lead to opportunities. Their eyes are closed either on purpose or by habit.

We all know what happens if you drive with the eyes closed for too long. The eventual crash. Open your eyes to the goals and possibilities around you and aim yourself toward them.