Dog or Cat

If you own a dog or cat, please don’t be offended by this week’s Pay Note. I’ve grown up with both and have a general observation about these two types of pets – at least the ones I grew up with.

Animals, like people, have different personalities. But overall, in the big picture, there are trends to the traits that define the character qualities of a dog and cat that are very different from each other.

My dogs have always been loyal and fun-loving. They never stop liking to play fetch, shake paw or play hide and seek. Enthusiastic greetings abound every time I came home.

On the other hand, the cats all gained independence as they matured to the point where they would come and go as they pleased and attention was given on their own terms. They would even totally ignore me even if I did nothing to deserve it.

People and animals change as they age. Some change is necessary and good. Some of it isn’t. As you change throughout life, will you retain those qualities that build good impressions like a dog? Or will you become the cat doesn’t seem to care one way or the other?

The choice is yours.