It’s always fun and thrilling to discover something. Discovery opens doors to new opportunities. It unveils or fuels the soul of a person and organization.

There are three vital discoveries that will lead toward destination and excellence—both necessary for long term success. These three areas of discovery are the first three attributes I’d like to introduce that build upon the original ten; talent, passion and calling.

Your talent makes you unique or stand out. It is a special part of you. Are you or your company discovering and utilizing true talent? Passion becomes drive and it is hard to stop. A person or company working with a passion makes it hard for the competition to keep up with. And a calling takes purpose to a new and higher level.

When you discover your talent and apply them to a passion and calling they work together like three jet engines propelling you forward no matter the obstacle. They help to attain goals. They are the first, second and third of the new attributes for 2017 and beyond.