Digging Out of the Hole

Digging Out of the Hole
Stress in life often comes from a feeling of being overwhelmed. We sometimes say we are buried or feel like we’re suffocating as if down in a hole with no way out.

The fact is that we dig our own holes through our thoughts, choices and actions. They either propel us forward or backward. It is frustrating when we gain no traction while struggling for footing.

Sometimes the holes we dig are deep. You want to jump out instantly, but that is not always possible or realistic. However, if you can’t simply climb out, there is usually a process of escape by simply changing direction.

This takes work. It might take time. Changing direction will require more digging, only this time it would be a tunnel, not another hole, and there is a light at the end of it.

In other words, when you dig yourself into a hole, you just might have to dig yourself out of it as well. Begin with a plan. Determine what you’ll need. Then start digging.