Dead Weight

Dead Weight
Forbes published an article titled Why Some Employees Need to be Fired. In the article, they call these employees—the ones needing fired—dead weight.

The author points out the phenomenon of how a person who plays dead and goes limp seems to weigh so much more than one who’s alive.  Why is that? It has to do with consciousness. The responsive person can assist, even if just slightly, by altering the center of gravity. The dead, or unconscious person doesn’t do that.

In the article, it is stated that good leaders will re-engage the disengaged employees by connecting, inspiring and emboldening them. But sadly some are just not engage-able. They don’t move with the rest of us. The solution, according to this author, is that it’s okay to let those people go.

Here are four signs that a bad employee probably won’t ever carry his or her own weight: 1. Aren’t responsive to feedback. 2. Don’t keep their agreements. 3. Want YOU to grow them. 4. Are bad company citizens.

Sometimes to build impressions you have to let go of those who don’t.