Curb Appeal

“Curb Appeal”

I once a long time ago as young man worked for a man who owned a small roofing company. Little does that man know how much I learned by working for him and observing how he managed to conduct an ongoing business that wasn’t just putting shingles on rooftops but was building impressions at the same time.

One of those valuable lessons included learning the importance of curb appeal. The way it came about, however, was not intended to be an educational or training moment.

The boss had left us to tackle the job once we had set up that morning. He had other homes to estimate for future projects. When he returned later that day to my amazement he began to tear up the brand new shingles we had just installed and threw them over the roof and onto the ground while yelling at our supervisor for spending all our time working on the back of the house instead of the front.

His point I finally determined was that these people, the customer, were paying money and we owed them the satisfaction of seeing results when they pulled into their driveway.

I’ve never forgotten the value of seeing things from the point of view of those we serve and remembering that curb appeal matters – all of the time.