Continuous Improvement


“What is profound and little understood is that by changing a culture and the processes that maximize performance at all times, you can eliminate the need of having to rush activity to meet deadlines, objectives or goals.”

This statement came to me from Larry Davis who is a friend, peer, and business owner. He is referring to the value and benefit of continuous improvement in an organization over the traditional way of leading or managing to numbers and reports.

He is right. If you take the time to think about it, his way is more proactive (and productive). The other is more reactive even if disguised or cloaked in proactive sounding strategy. He knows what he’s talking about. He has led his own business to perform precisely in the way that he preaches.

Having a team of people working together with common goals that serve or produce while being dedicated to a process of continual improvement creates a winning culture that will outperform competition.

What can you start doing today that will lead to a better tomorrow?

Ask the question. Find the answer. Make the process a continual habit.