Connecting the Dots

By now we’ve all seen the illustrations that depict a network. Network mapping is what they call it. It looks like a tangled web of lines that are connected to dots that represent a hub or server or end user.

In real life away from the computer, we’re all connected within networks of people. Our contacts, families, friends, peers, clients, suppliers are all connections in a network of relationships.

If you mapped them by importance, duration of time spent with each one, relationship, priority or geography, the tangled web of lines and dots would look just like the electronic one out in the world wide web.

One of the keys to success is to take or make some control out of these networks. It works with the internet as well as with people. If you want more success with your goals, dreams, plans, desires and destiny, then work on connecting the dots — the right dots.

Some of the best strategists are the ones who are the best at connecting dots with those dots being people, relationships, organizations, services and products.

Define what is important to you, then connect the dots.