Organizations have many moving parts. The conducting of business requires people, processes, equipment and space to perform within. These parts intertwine like the inner workings of an engine block. Like the engine, when parts fail or begin to function below standard, the output starts to become negative instead of building up the impressions you are striving for.
When this happens, I call this as being in a “clunky” state of operation. To become “un-clunky” it takes vision, leadership and team implementation of a plan that fixes or changes the courses of actions.
How is your job or organization at this moment? Does is appear or sound clunky? Is there a sour note coming from anyplace within the symphony around you?
To know, first you must pay attention. Often I find a tendency to either ignore or worse be totally oblivious to the fact that there is a cloud of cumbersome chaos covering an area or areas that is causing them to perform “clunkily.”
If you want to build impressions, you have to take out the clunk.