Clever, Clean, and Clear

Keep it simple, stupid. The KISS rule applies to so much in our lives, especially in these consistently complicated times. Life is complex enough. Why add to that complexity?

Clever, clean, and clear. Those are my rules for branding. Sounds easy, huh. But in reality it isn’t. Ironically, simplicity can require a real effort. But it pays off.

I develop branding and business strategies for a living. The process can become cumbersome and complex. Therefore I try to follow my rules and the rule of KISS.

This carries over into communication.

Think of the conversation with the person who can talk in strings of words that only a scientist could understand or can pack more syllables and words into a sentence and put more sentences together per second than a chipmunk.

I know for me when this happens that a trip switch goes off in my brain and I mentally shut down. I can’t keep up. The communication begins to break down. I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

Remember, when it comes to communication, just as with branding, it will be more effective when it is clever, clean, and clear and involves a KISS.