The Chicken or the Egg

“The Chicken or the Egg”

Which came first or what comes first when we talk of the chicken and the egg? It is an ancient question that probes our thinking and formulates theories with debates. Philosophers from all ages have turned this query into an everlasting investigation into the origins of life and the universe.

I’m not smart enough to engage in such a deep discussion with the intellectuals who devote energy and resources to the examination of the biologically-correct chronological order of things. I actually find it a waste of time. I’ll know the answers someday when I meet my maker.

But when I think about the chicken and the egg, what comes to mind is what I can learn from them in terms of how I live my life. The chicken has a unique ability to lay an egg. The egg is the result of its ability.

We all have abilities. They often go unused. But when you apply them to create positive results for the benefit of others and yourself, you live life that is richer and fuller while building impressions.