Changes and Islands

Last week I wrote about the new life ahead for me as I transition out of the company that I led for twenty-five years. My leadership there is ending. My new role with that company is starting and the expanded services I am providing from my design and consulting business is just beginning.

Perhaps a better way to describe what I’m going through is change. Things are changing. That happens in life to all of us.

I understand first-hand what it takes to own and grow a business. I know the challenges and trials as well as the benefits and some of the fruits of aiming and attaining a goal. With this next change in my life, I’m able to step closer to one my next goals.

I have always wanted to say, “I live on an island.” And now it’s true! At least part of the time. It’s part of the change. I now have another studio office to work from that’s literally on an island.

What’s your island? Where’s your island? Are you on track to get there? Do you have a plan to get there? In other words, “What’s your goal?”

More about islands and how to get there in the week’s to come.