Catching Leadership

Leadership is Caught more than Taught

To teach is to impart information, understanding and skill. When you are being taught something, you are receiving knowledge that you can then apply, or not. Its your choice.

When it comes to leadership, you can learn quite a bit. The qualities, attributes and characteristics of being a leader can be taught. But knowing how to lead is not the same as actually leading.

Being a good leader is extension of having a desire and passion of being one. It comes from the heart. Things that come from the heart are caught, not just taught. I had to figure that out and come to that understanding in my own leadership journey. It started when I came upon this quote:

There are many things in life that will catch your eye but only few that will capture your heart … pursue those. Leadership, for me, became one of those.

Once I realized that I would never be a good leader unless I caught a desire to be one first, then it also became easier to identify up and coming leaders—those that showed enthusiasm and ability to lead.

Remember that leadership is caught, not taught. It can be learned, but catching the desire comes first.