Calendared Organization

I write about the attribute of organization in my book Lessons from Old Gloves.

Organization can minimize hardship and maximize results. You can minimize your risk, pain and grief, and maximize your reward, gain and profit. The result of organizing is efficiency. Organization keeps the vision and mission clear from clutter. Take the time to organize your thoughts and plans. They will turn out better. Organize your work and you will be more productive.

Here’s a simple question. Are you using a calendar? I mean, really using one?
I’ve been surprised at how often I have found people either not using a calendar or not using it enough to help them stay more organized, especially in these times of technology and syncing abilities between our devices. By using my calendar, I’ve been able to do more on time and get in less trouble for forgetting something like pick up dog food on the way from the office.
If you want more organization from yourself, those you manage, or within your home or organization, make good use of the calendar. You can even calendar and schedule organization into it.