Busy, Grounded, and Well Rounded

Being busy can be good. It can keep you grounded and well rounded. Being too busy on the wrong things can lead to doing too much and using all your time on things that won’t matter or cause a better circumstance in the future.

I believe in having plenty to do. Busy keeps me out of trouble. To control my busyness, I try to make sure that I put variety on my plate. I want my busy to be a blend of activities that includes my hobbies, my health, important relationships, my goals, my work and projects.

Even Forrest Gump, who lived like a feather floating in the breeze, maintained a purpose for his life by just staying busy. Variety is one of the ingredients to living out a rich life. That’s why you never know what you’re going to get in a box of chocolates.

You have choices. You can sit around and become round, or get busy, grounded  and well rounded.