Building Impressionable Experiences

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Building Impressionable Experiences
I once went on an expensive all inclusive fishing trip to Lake El Salto in Mexico. It is a large freshwater lake known for its trophy sized largemouth bass. The fishing was awesome. The red, sun-baked mountains surrounding us were breathtaking. The lodge comfortable. The staff friendly. The food excellent.

On the first evening, upon stepping off the boat after a full day of fishing, I was handed a freshly made glass of margarita then escorted to the grilling patio where fresh duck was roasting over the open flamed grill. I was a happy customer. They were building their impressions upon me. The price I paid was out of sight and mind at the moment.

That’s the goal of building impressions. You want customers to have an experience, not just buy. You want them to see you as special, not as commodity or “just another business.”

What can you do to add to the experiences you offer that will build longer lasting impressions during and after the experience of working with you or your organization?