Design, Concepts, and Consulting for Brand and Business.

Books written and published by Scott Franko:

My writing began with simple weekly “Pay Notes” when I became the president and CEO of a brand providing company. I wrote them for the employees never dreaming that these notes would eventually earn national appeal and become the content for two of my books.

“Old Gloves” was written as a guideline for reinforcing ten important attributes for attaining more out of life and work. It was an honor to be recognized with an honorable mention by Writers Digest.

“Building Impressions” is the short true story of how our small business transformed to growth, profit, and popularity to thrive in the midst of the horrible downturn in the economy. The principles we applied can be duplicated by any company or organization that wants to do better on purpose and with intention. 

Then there’s the little story about “The Boy and His Gift” that was originally written as a letter to my children that were young at the time. The lesson of the book is about finding your unique gifts and using them to bring value to others while recognizing where these gifts come from, and remembering the greatest gift of all. 

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