Body Building Impressions

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Body Building Impressions
Body builders build up their bodies over a period of time that requires constant effort, determination, dedication and focus. They work daily at the goal of building up muscle and shaping their bodies. They must be disciplined with exercise, rest and diet. And they know the process will involve weeks, maybe even months or years. For those who stick to it, the results can be impressive.

You don’t have to have an affinity or affection for muscles to at least admire the accomplishment by those who get them. I do advocate wellness and fitness as a part of a healthy life. I don’t necessarily think we all ought to rush out to the gym and start body building.

The point here is to show that impressions (and success) are built the same way that muscle is. If we all applied the same efforts as a body builder does in the gym to our jobs, roles and goals, our lives at home, in the marketplace and communities would be or could be very different.

Whether or not you are in a good place right now, things could always be better.There’s always more to grow into — and I for one could use bigger muscles.