I’m Batman. I can still picture the scene and hear the voice from my favorite version of Batman portrayed by Michael Keaton in the 1989 film.
For those needing brought up to speed, Batman is a fictional hero invented by DC Comics wrapped around a man named Bruce Wayne. Each is the secret identity of the other. Each has his own brand. Bruce is a wealthy businessman. He’s single and is consumed with delivering justice to the bad guys because of the death of his parents to a pair of criminals. Batman is the means of the justice. Both share a high level of intellectual characteristics and detective-like skills.
When Bruce utters the words I’m Batman he means it. He can back up what he’s saying. His claim isn’t vain. His actions reflect his words. That’s an important branding lesson; is who you are what you say you are?
Our company used to be just an average sign shop. That was many years ago. Then we changed our tag line to say More Than Signs, We Build Impressions. The reason was so that we could tell the world that we could do more than signs and that by working with us you can build your brand and image impressions.
For a time, I remember thinking that we were not delivering on the brand message we were presenting. But with persistence and dedication, we finally caught up to where our actions matched our words. We finally became the brand.
What is your claim? What would others say about you? Do they match? Successful branding requires knowing both, then working to keep them in sync.