Badges on Our Sleeves

We all wear badges on our sleeves. Just like the Scouts, who wear them visibly to show accomplishments to the world, ours are visible too.

Emotions, traits, characteristics, feelings, thoughts, desires, passions, wants, needs, goals, purpose, mission … these and more make up our badges because they are parts of us that make us who we are.

They show themselves in our demeanor, in our eyes, our voices, tones, body language, through the sort of energy put forth, how we choose to use our talents, skills, experiences, gifts, and resources.

The types of badges that exist are boundless. The positive ones are more attractive though. Negativity is ugly and should be kept in a controlled environment so they can be dealt with in the right way at the right time.

Every now and then it is a good practice to take a self inventory and determine what badges you’ve been wearing. Then make some changes if necessary.