Backseat Drivers

Why are you going this way … You should go that way  … Speed up … Slow down … I know a better way … and on and on it goes from the voice of the backseat driver.

We can all use a little navigational assistance every now and then. But have you ever found yourself receiving advice from someone who determined that the their way was better than yours even though they were not the one driving?

There two kinds of backseat drivers. One is along for the ride but also part of the team who contributes valuable input. When they speak it’s worth listening. The other is dead weight sitting back there by choice and always wanting others to do the work — the driving. They like to complain and hear themselves dictate.

Sometimes in life you are the driver. Sometimes you’ll be the passenger. At times you’ll be sitting next to the driver, like your boss or supervisor. Then there’s the backseat. We all get there at some point.

Just be careful what you say and how you say it when you’re back there, especially if you have not yet earned the respect of your team, or the driver.