April Showers

“April Showers”
April showers bring … mud! And of course … flowers. These blooming miracles or color spring forth from a dank dirty environment. And that is how our lives should be.


Life will not be rosy all the time. It will have its moments of being harsh and difficult. But the winners in life are those that gain and maintain a proper attitude with a positive perspective in all circumstances.


That doesn’t mean we will not have down times. It just means we need to get up quickly and push through the mud that has temporarily bogged us down.


We are God’s flowers. Your colors are on the inside. Your actions show them to the world. Make them a blossom that builds impressions. 

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Scott Franko is the author of Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves. It is story that contains ten life-enriching attributes found through a question, a mysterious encounter and a pair of old gloves.

“Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves” – A modern-day parable endorsed by Mac Anderson of Simple Truths and Successories, and legendary former Florida State “Coach” Bobby Bowden.

“This book is a treasure–a course in wisdom and truths that apply not just to work and business but to all of life. So many books about success or getting ahead in business and industry talk about hard work and networking in well-worn and trite isms about what the person can DO to get ahead, but few address who to BE and the traits and characteristics that the individual has control over and can develop without relying on, or being at the mercy of, other people. Not only that, these characteristics and qualities are not just about success in business or your work life–they are equally important in your “real” life. This book is truly a winner. Would highly recommend.”

– Writers Digest

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