Ambition to Confidence

Some philosophers say ambition is just for those who lack self confidence. They say this because if you have true confidence, you don’t need ambition to achieve because you will achieve it anyway, thus the reason for the confidence. I disagree.

In order to get up and decide to go from A to B, ambition is required, no matter the level of confidence. Once you get up and go, confidence is built over time.

I see ambition and confidence as two crossed fingers working together in unison even though each one is independent. Separately, they are not as strong or good as they can be when together.

A person or organization should always be ambitious in order to keep striving for improvement and further success. There should be a level of confidence at the same time, with more confidence coming over time once there is movement obtained from the ambition it took to get going in the first place.

Otherwise its easy to become complacent. Ambition and confidence are attributes six and seven to avoid complacency. A lack of them will cause a company to slide backwards or allow competition to take the lead.