Alligators, Bears, Dogs, Cats … and Monkeys

When issues in life come pressing down upon you, it helps to put some sort of priority on them. Some rules, if you will, so they don’t all end up ruling you.

You can categorize problems, issues, even opportunities into priorities A, B, C, or D. But to determine which one each should be, it helps to think of them in terms of animals that if encountered would cause a certain kind of response or threat.

For instance, an A issue should be like an alligator. If you came upon one right now, you would need to respond immediately, otherwise it could eat you. The B priority is like a Bear. They can be dangerous and overtake you if you take too long to make a decision.

Then there’s C and D.. These can be like cats and dogs. Cats are sneaky. You might not even know they are around, but in life it helps to prepare for things that can happen that are unseen or unforeseen. That’s why you buy insurance, for instance. Dogs are the friendliest of the group. In fact, issues that can categorized as a dog might end up not being one at all. But they do demand some attention, like being let out to go potty, and they will want your attention.

I also put an M in the group; monkeys. They come around for our amusement and entertainment. You don’t have to do anything accept acknowledge their presence. In other words, don’t miss a beautiful sunset or a rainbow.

A good practice in life is to list all the things going on your life, good and bad, and put some priorities on them in order to know how and where to best spend your time. But don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.