A Pinch of Sand

A recent walk along the beach got me thinking about sand and life.

The particular shoreline that I frequent is a four mile stretch that is part of twenty-six that makes up the total length of the island. On that day, I would guess the distance between the dunes and the shore to be close to fifty yards. That is a lot of beach, and a lot of sand. I wondered how many grains of sand were in just a pinch.

With some research I learned that a square inch contains on average around five hundred thousand individual grains. There are five million in an hourglass. I have no idea how many grains of sand were under my feet and all around me that day. Billions? Maybe trillions.

I stood there and like sand through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives played through my mind (thanks to a past addiction to the soap opera, admittedly). And its true. They are.

Each of us is also like a grain of sand on the beach of mankind and humanity. Like that sand under a microscope, we’re all similar yet different at the same time. But the sand doesn’t care. Even with differences all those grains come together to give us a beautiful beach.

The sand that makes a beach doesn’t decide to become one. It just happens with natural forces. People do decide what to do, think, and say. Those choices can build up and bring others together, or destroy, tear down, and pull people apart.

With all that is happening in the world today, I’m waiting and hopeful for a time where it feels more like a warm peaceful walk on the beach where the sand, and the people, with similarities and differences, make the decisions that bring about more harmony.