A Good Day

For me, it’s a good day when my shorts fit just right. I have a lot miles and years on my body. So anytime my I can button my pants without sucking in, I’m happy.
It’s those little things in life that can have such a big influence on attitude. They can make or ruin a day just as much as buying a winning lottery ticket or losing net worth to a stock-market crash. But the odds of winning the lotto are almost nil and nobody can know or control the fate of the markets. Yet people get all wrapped up and bogged down in things like stocks and lotteries. They let them dictate the mood of the day and determine happiness.
Stop and smell the flowers. Ever hear that? Of course you have. It is one of those lines that reminds us to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the things in life that we miss when we live too fast and work too hard.
So the next time you put your pants on and they fit perfectly, take a moment to really appreciate that. Those days, are good days.